James Baber

Electronics Engineer, Photographer and Live Events Technician.

Constantly taking on new projects and learning along the way.

Electronics Design and Prototyping

Four channel PWM LED Dimmer for short runs of 12 V white or RGBW LED strip.

  • Powered by any standard 802.3af/at/bt PSE (switch or injector).
  • Art-Net V1 broadcast compatible.
  • 7-segment display for addressing.
  • 10Base-T Ethernet interface with link and traffic status indicators.
  • Hand assembled.


DMX Tester

A portable DMX lighting controller with OLED display and minimalist control interface.

  • Internal LiPo battery for up to 3 hours runtime.
  • ATmega328p microcontroller and 128x64 OLED display.
  • Galvanically isolated RS485 transmitter.
  • Single encoder knob for control of address and value.
  • Blackout toggle for conventional fixture.
  • Discreet ESD protection.

Technical Theatre

I've worked on a number of theatrical events - musicals, concerts, discos, presentations, and dance shows. Although I've always focussed on VFX, I enjoy stepping in to mix sound, improvise lighting, build set and rig equipment. Between cues, I always find time to document the event, for publicity and nostalgia alike. Visit my LinkedIn profile to see the full list of projects.


Cue Lights

This portable cue-light controller is based on an ESP32, allowing it to create a wireless network for crew to connect to without existing network infrastructure. Cues can view viewed from devices such as phones, tablets and laptops in outstation or overview mode.