James Baber

Electronics Enthusiast, Homelabber, Photographer, and Theatre Technician.

Constantly fiddling with servers, camera gear and model trains.


I've worked on numerous theatrical events - musicals, concerts, discos, presentations, and dance shows. Although I've always focussed on VFX, I greatly enjoy stepping in to mix sound, improvise lighting, build set and rig equipment. Between cues, I always find time to document the event, for publicity and nostalgia alike. Visit my LinkedIn profile to see the full list of projects.

Theatre lighting

Model railway

Less train set, more budget back room wonderland. Hornby products are expensive enough, without the gigantic cats attacking the layout...

GIF of model trains


DT project - Motorised model car using ultrasonic proximity sensors.
EPQ - Low budget cue light system running over cat5.
Free time - Cue light system v2, 3 and 4.
How about the future?

Cue light system